Patinter invests in driver ADR training

13 / 01 / 2018
Patinter invests in driver ADR training

To ensure the safe transportation of hazardous materials, Patinter has provided ADR (European Agreement concerning the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road) training and certification to its drivers. Around 50 employees have been enrolled in the sessions. The ADR 2017 requires all vehicles transporting materials and products covered by the RPE/ADR to be driven by professionals qualified for the task and in possession of the proper certification. In Portugal, this accreditation falls under Decree-Law 63-A / 2008, of April 3.

At the end of December, Patinter hosted training at its Mangualde facilities for these drivers who, after completing exams between January and March, will obtain the Drivers of Dangerous Goods Certification. By taking this step, the carrier increases its service capability and safety levels with regard to the transportation of dangerous goods.

In addition to this dynamic - and as proof that Patinter values the skills of its employees and regularly invests in their training - a training course in the area of air cargo transport safety is in progress until February. This certification, which is mandatory in accordance with EU Regulation (N2015/1998), will cover around 70 drivers working in the transportation of air cargo by road, increasing the number of Patinter drivers already certified in this area.

Patinter accordingly recognizes the importance of providing high quality services to its staff, and in order to achieve this, invests continually in training and capacity-building measures.