Patinter sponsors the Ana Castro Osório Contest award

25 / 11 / 2019
Patinter sponsors the Ana Castro Osório Contest award

As part of the Ana Castro Osório Literary Competition awards ceremony, which took place on 23 November at the Mangualde City Hall's Noble Hall, Patinter - as sponsor of the initiative - could not fail to congratulate the winners. We highlight the holder of the 2nd place of the competition - Dulce Ferreira award sponsored by the carrier.
The initiative, which aimed to promote the writing and reading habits of young people, valuing the literary expression in its most genuine state, also managed to bring the business fabric closer to culture, a dynamic that Patinter defends and puts into practice whenever possible.
In an event that sought to highlight the municipality of Mangualde, encouraging participants to write about the region and its traditions, Patinter could not fail to participate in the initiative, especially when the focus praises an inescapable figure in the region, Ana Castro Osório, a writer known for her courage, cunning and vanguardism.
The awards ceremony was attended by illustrious representatives of the city's social and political sphere, such as Elísio Oliveira, Mayor of Mangualde, Ana Fernandes and Celeste Almeida, responsible for organizing the competition, and also members of the jury: Vítor Nabais, Maria Manuela Ramos and Maria Adelaide Mariano.