Patinter committed to vaccinating 1200 employees

01 / 10 / 2020
Patinter committed to vaccinating 1200 employees

In an atypical year, marked by the Covid-19 virus, Patinter began its vaccination campaign against the seasonal flu with a more comprehensive action plan than in the previous years. The idea is to reinforce the immunity of its workers so that they do not contract or transmit the virus, a measure validated by the Directorate- General of Health, which recently pointed out the relevance of having this vaccine shot.

The programme will cover all employees and will be carried out by specialized health practitioners, in vaccination sessions planned for the various companies within the group. To be able to respond to all those interested, the company is also counting on the support of a network of pharmacies from the North to the South of the country that will facilitate the administration of the vaccine.

All employees may benefit from the vaccine for free and need only to previously and voluntarily sign up for it. This action aims to protect everyone without any exception but will have as main focus the drivers since their duties require greater mobility, exposure to thermal shock, and greater social interaction.

Confidant that it will raise the awareness of the entire organizational structure towards voluntarily taking the vaccine, the company has developed an in-house campaign and believes that "this year, employee participation will be greater since their attitude with regards to the Covid-19 prevention measures applied has been exemplary. We feel they are informed and aware of the importance of protecting themselves and their loved ones”, explains a source at Patinter.