Road Freight Solutions

With proven experience in providing transport services in all business sectors, Patinter offers a wide range of services. Contact us for our complete cargo transport services (room temperature or controlled), transport of maritime containers, air cargo transport, distribution (room temperature or controlled), storage and logistics. We guarantee the best solution.

Our fleet consists of suitable vehicles for transporting any type of cargo
Our drivers are trained to meet the highest requirement standards
With 6 hubs across Europe, Patinter's services cover an extensive network.

The security of your delivery is fundamental when is in transit. Patinter applies a wide range of security measure to keep your load safe, guaranteeing efficiency in the delivery.

Real time monitoring;

Anti theft system applied to all vehicles;

Drivers with specific training on cargo security.

To maintain high levels of performance and reliability, we have implemented measures to ensure that your cargo will be delivered on the Schedule.

Average of 2,5 years;

Regular monitoring of the fleet;

Own assistance,24H;

Contingency plan for the truck and the driver;

Parking only in safe parking/service areas.