Working at Patinter

The best companies are made up of the best people. Believing in this, Patinter searches the market for committed professionals with ambition and determination to achieve their personal and professional goals. We focus on valuing people, producing the best results, a differentiated service and excellence in the services provided to our customers.

In an increasingly competitive world, we focus on being an attractive company, capable of recruiting, developing and retaining talent. Since the beginning of 2021, nearly 110 new employees have accepted to join our team and become an important part of our success. In exchange for their dedication, we offer them the opportunity to:

Being part of a committed and qualified global team;
Developing skills in various areas, through training programmes;
Enjoying a safe and healthy work environment;
Having opportunities to grow;
Integrating innovative projects;
Participating in the future of a company that is a market leader;
Enjoying measures that reconcile personal, professional and family life;
Being part of a strong and consolidated organizational culture whose motto is "We’re all Patinter”.

85.8 % of our employees assert in the internal motivation and satisfaction survey (2021), that they felt very pleased to be working in Patinter
6939 hours of training divided by 40 training courses (in 2021)
International team
15 Nationalities 1200 Employees
The personal development of our human resources is critical to us.

At Patinter, we believe that the constant dialogue between employees and managers, the promotion of continuous learning, as well as the exchange of ideas and brainstorming are essential factors for the development of our employees' skills. Therefore, through the Patinter Training Academy we offer a diversified training programme, in face-to-face, e-learning or b-learning formats, with courses, workshops, external post-graduate courses, mentoring and coaching programmes, etc.

At Patinter, we encourage and provide all employees with the opportunity to improve themselves and maximise their personal, professional and social skills.


The Patinter Training Academy  is an internal training centre, focused on the training of employees with functions linked to the areas of transport, logistics and distribution. 

Internal courses of Patinter Training Academy:

Eco Driving;

Road safety;

Interpersonal relationship;


Quality and Safety;

Social regulation of Road Transport ( Driving time regime);

Economic and defensive driving - (Practical training on road);

Cargo handling and documentation;
Our success is the result of high level of capacity, dedication and team spirit of our employees!
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